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TMP Carbs History

      TMP Carbs was founded by Troy Patterson in Chatsworth, CA in 2000 to enable Troy to continue research and development on various aspects of the internal combustion engine and related technological areas.

      Troy's first inquiry into carburetion came at age 7 when he disassembled and attempted to re-assemble a carburetor. At age 12 his father gave him an extensive explanation of how a carburetor worked sparking more interest. It wasn't until 14 years old that Troy first successfully assembled a carburetor - with supervision and guidance. The carburetor was for his brother's tri-powered 1965 GTO.

      In the 1990's, focusing 7+ years developing his knowledge of carburetor function as it pertains to high performance and racing applications, Troy developed a re-engineered version of the Holley 2300, 4150 & 4500 series carburetors. Troy first utilized Holley metering blocks, but realizing the benefits of the Weber metering system. Troy purchased the complete Weber Power Plate inventory from Edelbrock Corporation and began seeking ways to maximize the new combination of components.

      The result of Troy's research and development process was a number of patents pending and the "Premier Series" Holley carburetor incorporating a number of Troy's developments and the Weber Power Plates.

      Troy's first experience with Weber Power Plates came by chance in 1991 when a friend gave him a set for his hugely ported 351 4 barrel Cleveland he built as an R&D test engine.

      Part of Troy's R&D came to include Bill Elliott and engine builder and brother, Ernie Elliott. Troy provided developments and Ernie, Ron Vicaro and crew dyno'd and track tested (including racing with) a number of those developments.

      In 2002 Troy was involved in Nelson Racing Engine's Engine Masters Competition in which they finished 7th with only two days of dyno time to tune and work out their combination.

      In time more to come